How did it end up like this? (myxbrokenxdream) wrote in the_random_art,
How did it end up like this?

The 5 commandments of the_random_art

.:The 5 Commandments of The Random Art:.

1. ThOu ShAlT NoT tYpE iN sTiCkY cApS tHrOuGhOuT aN eNtIrE eNtRy. iT mAy Be UsEd As A sIgNaTuRe, Or OtHeR aCcEnTiNg WaY, bUt OtHeRwIsE iNtOlErAbLe.

2. Thou shalt use basic applications of Englich grammer. no1 wants tings to b ritten lyke dis, its 2 hard 2 reed, not only dat but it remines us dat amrca is gettin stoopider and stoopider by da min. ur only proovin it.

3. Thou shalt not use profanity or obscenities when posting the *censored* entries, you *censored* *censored*. It's not *censored* appropriate for *censored* young children. Get that through your *censored* head>!!!!

4. Thou shall use //constructive// critisism when commenting on others work. Don't insult people, you idiot. God, could you get any dumber>? What do you think, this was made to put people down freaks>? You're such an idiot. Stupid.

5. Thou shalt not plagiarise or take other people's work. I have nothing creative for this one, so I am not going to try. Just don't copy other people's work, unlesss you give them credit for it. Okay>? Okay. Good>? Good.

I'll add more later. Love me Loser,
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